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I Hate Running*

*I just hate it less than any other exercise.

Since February I’ve tried to become a runner, I’ve been running 2-3 times per week (evidence), I’ve taken part in 2 10k runs. I’ve been desperately trying to find that buzz or feel good feeling but I’m going to admit it might never come. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop.

I really don’t enjoy running very much. I took it up on a whim as my best friend from childhood is most definitely a runner and when he emigrated to Wellington in January I agreed to go out with him a few times a week and do the Wellington 10k.

I understand that some people really get something out of running, but apart from feeling good at my initial weight loss, I’ve got nothing but determination to do some exercise that keeps me going out.

Here’s what I’ve learned

  • Running doesn’t get easier, well it does a little, you can go a bit further but the first few Ks are still just as hard
  • Running doesn’t get any harder. There’s a sweet spot that you’ve been out for a few Ks and you feel crap but you know you can keep going. Eventually you have to stop but for me the difference between 7k and 10k is negligible
  • Running is easy to do. Get out the door and go running, that’s all there is to do. I prefer playing squash or skiing but I’m lazy and time poor, so getting to squash seems like such a waste when you spend more time getting to the court than actually playing.
  • Running is a real subculture. Everyone and his dog seems to do some running, I didn’t realise how many people went out for regular runs until I did or until I signed up to FitBit.

I’m going to keep up the running as it’s all I’ve got that I can easily fit into a lunch time. But I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy it. Sorry Huw.

The Great Blog Reset

So I’ve decided after about 12 years of blogging, the time had come for a big reset.

I’ve done something bad in Web Terms and broken all the old links by un-publishing all my old posts. 

Now I have to start creating some new content.

Apologies if you were looking for something pre 2013. It’s not here. However feel free to use the ask me a question link if you had something specific you were after.

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